Участники проекта "In the Timestream"

Изабель Вершюрэн-Блютель, Владимир Григорьян,
Елена Григорьян, Илона ван де Браак, Фабьенн Лаэрт

Ilona van de Braak

Ilona van de Braak (1963) is a Dutch ceramist who has been creating ceramic works of art since 1993. She began by taking master classes with Dutch ceramists Henriette van Klinken and Marian Daems. What was at first a simple hobby grew into a passion fuelled by Ilona's fascination with the endless possibilities presented by clay and glaze.

Ilona draws her inspiration from nature and memories. Nature is reflected in objects that invite the looker to touch or hold -- heavy, smooth, prickly. Many reference, but do not replicate their original inspiration: tree branches, stones, eggshells, seeds, kernels, and corals

Memories are captured in handmade tiles. First, she uses ornamentation, wall, fences, and other surfaces to create texture. Next, she adds letters to create words or lines from poems. Each tile is finished with colourful glazes that complete the atmosphere of the memory.

Parallel Travels Project

A member of The Parallel Travels Project, Ilona has worked alongside Kazakhstan, French and Italian ceramists Elena and Vladimir Grigoryan, Fabienne Laheurte, Isabelle Verchuren and Maurizio Righetti, conducting master classes and exhibitions in Almaty, Aktau and Astana in 2014. In 2016 she exhibited in Lanciano, Italy. Her work is on permanent display at Museo Acerbo delle Ceramiche in Castelli – Italy.

2015 – now - Myanmar

Currently Ilona is living and working in Myanmar. She is developing her own line of work which is inspired on ancient Myanmar cultures and traditions including richly decorated tiles and plates. In June 2017 in Yangon a joint exhibition took place with Dutch painter Ietje Preel. A solo exhibition is planned for February 2018 at the Nawaday Tharlar Galery in Yangon.

In close cooperation with Myanmar potters and fair trade shop Hla Day, Ilona set up a private funded pilot project that aims to contribute to community development by working creatively with local potter families to inspire them, improve, diversify and sell their product line.

For more information:

ilona.van.de.braak@gmail.com / tel: +95 926 1098 772
LinkedIN: ilona.van.de.braak / Facebook: art ceramic worlds